How does human culture affect geography

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1. How does human culture affect geography? Which cultures do you believe have had the most significant influence on geography? Provide examples.

2. What are at least three geographic or cultural factors that would stop one country's culture from spreading and mixing into another county's culture? Provide a solution for each factor identified.

3. How will the deforestation of the Earth's tropical forests affect the Earth's temperature or climate? Explain.

4. If you were allowed to farm only one kind of crop, which type of crop would be most beneficial for humans? If you could raise only one type of animal on a farm, which type of animal would be most beneficial to humans? Explain.

5. What can current urban sprawl teach you about planning future cities? How might projected global warming trend information be used in planning future cities? What other geographic knowledge could be important for planners to understand when working on future projects?

Reference no: EM13159296

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