How does enron rise and collapse illustrate this proposition

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The M&M theory states it does not make any difference from an economist's view whether a firm raises financing as equity or debt. However floatation costs are more for equity than debt and interest on debt is tax deductible whereas dividends are not. How do you explain this difference between the market realities and the M&M theory? Further given the experience of Metalgesellschaft and Enron what business risks are related to excessive debt not accounted for by M&M? As explained in previous lessons, all Bubbles start for a logical reason but when they collapse scams and scandals are often exposed. How does Enron's rise and collapse illustrate this proposition?

Reference no: EM13267350

What are the net cash flows for the following 3 years

The project requires an initial investment in net working capital of $163,000, and the fixed asset will have a market value of $188,000 at the end of the project. Assume tha

Value of sgp to raymond

SGP's pre-merger beta is 2.0, and its post-merger tax rate would be 34%. The risk-free rate is 8% and the market risk premium is 4%. What is the value of SGP to Raymond?

Computational fluid dynamics

Question on  Computational Fluid Dynamics,    What do your simulations derive the drag coefficients to be? Explain any discrepancies as best as you can.

Upper and lower bounds for projections

Based on our past experience, the unit sales, variable costs and fixed cost projections are probably accurate to within plus or minus 10% What are the upper and lower bounds

Stability of the capital structures

1. Compare the stability of the capital structures for the firms listed in the text. 2. Discuss reasons firms have a stable capital structure. 3. Identify those not concerned

Causes and effects of the global financial crisis

FIN202 - Your topic is: "Causes and Effects of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-09, with Special Reference to the Impacts on Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments

Calculating npv and irr

A project that provides annual cash flows of $15,400 for nine years costs $67,000 today. Is this a good project if the required return is 8 percent? What if it's 20 percent?

What would be crypton cost of capital

Dividends have grown at the rate of 5.1% per year and are expected to continue to do so for the forseeable future. What is Crypton's cost of capital where the firm's tax rat


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