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Apple's dominance in the Tablet market is so established now that rivals are adopting aggressive Pricing strategies to counter the iPad. Last week Hewlett-Packard's Touchpad Tablet went for commercial flop to instant hit when company slashed the price to $99 from 5399. Consumers rushed to grab these tablets prompting the company to do one more production run to keep customers happy despite losing money on those produced.

Earlier this week, Forrester research suggested that Amazon could sell as many as 5 million tablets in Quarter 4 this year by undercutting iPad's price drastically.


1. Describe what do you understand by the term "Cost plus Pricing" and highlight any limitations this may have. How does this differ from "Target Costing "pricing?

2. Describe the type of pricing policy being applied by Hewlett- Packard in regard to their Touchpad Tablet?

3. Explain the pricing policy taken by apple with regard to the tablet Market

4. Group Presentation

(Note: All the members of the group should participate in the presentation.)

Reference no: EM131270147

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