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Question 1

The first step anyone should take in building a database is to:
A. determine the version of Access to use.
B. determine the number of tables that will be required.
C. determine the purpose of the database.
D. run an ERD analysis of the data information.

Question 2

A data entry such as the last name of a customer should be:
A. hosted in a single record in a single table.
B. hosted in two separate records in a single table.
C. hosted in a separate record in two separate tables.
D. input as a text file entry into a single table.

Question 3

How does Access identify each record within a database?
A. By the first field created for each record
B. By its primary key
C. By the table number
D. By the table's tabular chart ID

Question 4

You are creating a series of fields for your customer database. You want to make sure that the data entry person always inputs a last name for each field. What is the most effective way to do this?
A. Format the field to a different background color than the other fields.
B. Make it the first field in the table.
C. Make it the last field in the table.
D. Set it as a required field.

Question 5

You need to configure the properties of a field that will list the hiring date for each employee so that the date is always displayed in the same format. Which tab ribbon do you access to accomplish this?
A. Design tab
B. Format tab
C. Database Tools tab
D. Description tab

Question 6

You have a database comprised of thousands of records, each record representing a purchase by a customer. There is a field in the database that displays the shipping charge applied to each purchase. You have only three shipping charges, $5, $10, and $15. You want to ensure that your data entry person inputs only one of these three numbers. You can accomplish this by setting __________ the field.
A. the format property of
B. the caption property of
C. a validation rule for
D. a default value for

Question 7

Now that you know how to use Access 2007, your boss wants you to convert many of the Excel Worksheets you used to create for data information to Access Databases. How do you do this?
A. Import the Excel worksheets by clicking the Office button and selecting Import.
B. Click the Excel button in the Import group on the External Data tab ribbon.
C. Click the Excel button in the Conversion group on the External Data tab ribbon.
D. Click the Excel button in the Office Application group on the Design tab ribbon.

Question 8

You create a table in Access 2007 and link it to the source data in an Excel worksheet that is stored on the same computer that hosts Access 2007. What is a benefit of doing this?
A. Any future changes made to the worksheet will be reflected within the Access table.
B. Once the import process is complete, Excel will archive the worksheet.
C. Once the conversion process is complete, Excel will archive the worksheet.
D. Access will open the Excel program whenever this table is opened in Access.

Question 9

You have a field in your customer database for phone numbers. You want the field to display a hyphen within the number without requiring the data entry person to enter it. How do you do this?
A. Set the hyphen as a default value for the field.
B. Create a validation rule for the field.
C. Format the field for the hyphen character.
D. Use the input mask wizard and select the hyphen.

Question 10

What is the purpose of creating a lookup column in Access?
A. To create a field that will compare itself to other fields within the same database
B. To create a field that will compare itself to other fields from other databases
C. To retrieve values from other sources such as other tables or a list
D. To lookup format and style settings that match the data being inputted

Question 11

What is the benefit for your data entry people by providing their data entries via combo boxes?
A. They can choose which formatting style they need by the click of a mouse.
B. It eliminates typing errors since data entries are selected by the mouse.
C. It combines multiple fields into one simple input box.
D. It will add the field entry into all other related fields upon entering the data.

Question 12

The most common relationship in Access 2007 is:
A. one-to-one.
B. one-to-many.
C. many-to-many.
D. many-to-one.

Question 13

You modify the primary key values in one table of your database and all the related records in another table are automatically updated. You have just witnessed an example of __________ update.
A. a cascading
B. a relational
C. an intermediate relation
D. an intermediate integrity

Question 14

One of your suppliers has gone out of business. You want to delete its record from your database and ensure that it is deleted from all related tables. The best way to accomplish this is to implement __________ delete.
A. an intermediate relation
B. a relational
C. a cascading
D. a total

Question 15

You wish to create a Form in Access 2007. The easiest way to do this is to click the Form button on the __________ tab ribbon.
A. Home
B. Design
C. Database
D. Create

Question 16

You want to use the Snipping Tool application to do a screen capture of your open Access screen. To access it you need to select it from the:
A. Office button.
B. Design tab ribbon.
C. Accessories Folder from the Start menu.
D. administrative tools in the Start menu.

Question 17

You have created a form in Access 2007 but the form is blank. What could be the reason?
A. The table for the form has no data.
B. A table has not been assigned to the form.
C. A column has not been assigned to the form.
D. A database has not been assigned to the form.

Question 18

You want to insert a text box into a form you are creating in Access 2007. You can do this by clicking the text box button from the __________ group on the __________ tab ribbon.
A. object; Insert
B. object; Design
C. controls ; Create
D. controls ; Design

Question 19

You want to modify the Tab order of a form you are creating. You need to access the Tab Order button from the __________ Layout group on the __________ tab ribbon.
A. Control; Design
B. Control; Arrange
C. Form; Design
D. Form; Arrange

Question 20

You have opened the Snipping Tool and want to capture the entire screen of your computer and save it to your computer. You can do this by clicking the:
A. Snip button and click Full-screen Snip.
B. New button and click the Full-screen Snip.
C. New button and drag the mouse across the entire screen.
D. Snip button and drag the mouse across the entire screen.

Reference no: EM131144569

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