How does a protein become phosphorylated
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Explore some very general functions of proteins. Elucidating protein function is arguably one of the most interesting and most studied areas of protein biology.

1) The first part of this assignment is to choose three of the six protein functions discussed Lesk Ch. 2 (p72-80) and use the literature to find a representative protein within this class. What structural features of this protein allow it to function in this capacity?

2) In the second section I would like you to look more closely at the way proteins can function as enzymes.

a. How does a protein become "phosphorylated"? What effect can this post-translational modification (PTM) have on a protein?

b. What is "glycosylation" and what is one potential way that it can impact the function of a protein?


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G-protein coupled receptor –This constitutes the largest group of proteins, which functions as receptor and sense the molecules outside the cells. The consequent response will cause activation of signal transduction that interfere with cellular responses. In general, the protein structure composed of seven trans-membrane a-helical structures, which are collectedly referred to as G protein coupled receptor. The secondary structural content of the protein composed of mainly a-helical segments.

Importantly these receptor proteins are involved in varieties of diseases and disorders that are good target for drug design. Upon binding to the ligands, conformational changes induces the corresponding signal transduction. The renowned signal molecules that are involved in the pathway are (i) cAMP signal pathway and(ii) phosphatidylinositol signal pathway. The induced conformational change allows the assess of guanine-nucleotide exchange factor and upon interaction, the state is

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