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What are the Learning Effects and Programs for Traumatic Brain Injury Adolescents in K-12?


Many children deal with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) on a broad range of severities but because of misdiagnosis of minor TBIs and the lack of qualitative studies documenting their quality of life, educational and social support struggles.

The research presented will look into furthering the research development of adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and advocate through transformative methods about this group's needs and possible lack of support programs. The overall TBI research needs to be developed further in order for there to be the promulgation of changes for this specific population.

The chance to forge change justifies the need for this study, which will discover the effects TBI causes to adolescent learning to mitigate the void of little to no qualitative data research in this matter and also identify any shortcoming with the programs for this group of individuals.


Based on the above information, I need the following answered from a qualitative hypothetical research study based on the above question," What are the Learning Effects and Programs for Traumatic Brain Injury Adolescents in K-12?":


Create a figure of a conceptual map to visually depict the phenomena you are studying.


Discuss any issues of privacy, how data will be secured, and how you will advise participants about details of the study and their rights to opt out. Provide an appendix with a detailed form of this information

Rigor of Research

Trustworthiness measures - how do we know the data is accurate?

(If interviews how will transcriptions be checked; if observations how will field notes be checked?)

Reference no: EM132184194

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