How do terrorist organizations fund their operations

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Terrorist and money

Project Description:

Write a six page minimum DOUBLE SPACED 12-FONT paper with references and sources cited. This project will be a minimum of six pages total for the entire paper. Source citing/references are NOT included in the six page minimum. Your grade will depend upon the presentation of your analysis and research, the quality of the work presented- whether you give a detailed presentation or a vague overview, whether you addressed all parts of the question asked, and how you support your argument/discussion- as well as the citing of a variety of sources/use of references and whether you met the mandatory minimum page requirement. The paper is due at the end of the third week.

Topics (Pick one of the following)

1. Terrorist Financing: How do terrorist organizations fund their operations? You may pick one specific group or give an overall perspective.

2. Describe the Hawala system and how it is used to finance terrorist organizations.

3. Money is said to be the life blood of any organization including criminal as well as terrorist organizations. If you shut down the money supply you shut down the organization. How are government agencies combating terrorist organizations through financial investigations.

4. You may pick your own topic on any specific issue related to terrorism financing.

DO NOT simply cut-and-paste from a website. Yes, you should be reviewing web sites and other sources to find the information for this project but do not simply cut-and-paste someone else's words. You will NOT get credit for doing this. Your paper must be your own words, thoughts, and analysis.

I would like the paper to be on #3. APA format.

Reference no: EM131134103

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