How do rights of victims compare to the rights of criminals

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1. LIST/DESCRIBE some of the problems that victims encounter after becoming a victim of a crime.

2. Is it possible to predict where and when victimization is likely to occur? If so, what steps can be done to prevent a person from becoming a victim?

3. EXPLAIN what characteristics, such as age, gender, race, ethnicity and marital/social status, pose a greater/lesser risk of one becoming a crime victim.

4. How do the four victimization theories apply in our study of criminal behavioral theories?

Victim Precipitation - victim actually initiated the confrontation that actually led to death or injury.
Active Precipitation - Victim uses provocation
Passive Precipitation - victim exhibits some personal characteristics that unknowingly threatens or encourages the attacker.
Lifestyle - becomes a victim due to their lifestyle i.e. drugs, drinking, exposure to criminal offenders.

5. How do the rights of victims compare to the rights of the criminal?

Reference no: EM131113716

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