How do men experience the glass escalator

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First, read the following documents-

"Dilemmas Facing High-Achieving Career Women"

"The Glass Escalator: Hidden Advantages for Men in the ‘Female" Professions'"

Second, reflect on the discussion prompts provided below-specifically integrating the above readings into your discussion. You do not need to formally cite your sources, but should make sure that your representation of information is accurate. Be sure to answer all parts of the prompt.


Reflections should be typed, one page (minimum), single-spaced, Times New Roman font, name at the top, paragraphs with a minimum of four sentences.

Discussion prompts:

Drawing on course materials, describe the meaning of the glass ceiling experienced by working women, and the glass escalatorexperienced by working men. Based on your reading of the articles for this week, how, specifically, do women experience the glass ceiling, and how do men experience the glass escalator? Discuss at least two specific examples of both experiences. Additionally, how does the public tend to view men who work in female-dominated positions? Based on what you know about gender inequality and workplaces in general, discuss two potential policies/practices that you can envision reducing some part of workplace gender inequality. What would it take to enforce the changes you propose?

Reference no: EM13874185

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