How do laws reflect principles of social psychology

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You are a consulting organizational psychologist. You have been retained to develop a new policy for the LGBT population in your professional setting (or for a setting from your experience.)


Propose a research-based policy for one specific issue regarding the LGBT population for a setting.

• For example, propose a new policy for hiring, firing, and retention, promotional opportunity, health insurance, or parenting leave.

• Identify the professional setting related to your experience.

• The Policy Statement should be two pages, maximum.

• Brevity does not mean this assessment lacks academic rigor. Disciplined, succinct writing requires thorough knowledge of the subject and excellent writing skills.

Address each of the following elements in your policy statement, using the template provided in the Resources:

• Analyze research related to concepts of self-esteem, self-concept, self-presentation, and self-efficacy for the LGBT population.

• Integrate social psychology principles and research to propose a LGBT policy for a workplace.

• Analyze how the proposed policy and current workplace legislation reflect social psychology principles.

• How does the research-based proposed policy meet the requirements of current laws?

• How do laws reflect principles of social psychology?

• Evaluate the implications of a new policy for the organization and individuals.

• How will this new policy be perceived by others in the organization?

• How will this affect the organizational culture?

• What suggestions do you have for addressing resistance or changing the culture?

Reference no: EM131141914

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