How did identities conflict during resistance to colonialism

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1. Compare and contrast popular resistance to European dominance and colonialism in India, East Asia and in Sub-Saharan Africa. Be sure to focus on the different types of political and economic systems individual leaders promoted and whether they adopted violent or nonviolent opposition

2. How did identities conflict during the resistance to colonialism? For instance, in what ways did nationalist identity conflict with class identity and religious identity? Were there places where these identities worked together instead of conflicting?

3. How do you think the colonial legacy has shaped the relationship between the West (Europe and the United States) and the non-Western world (specifically Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia)? How might they perceive us through the filter of their colonial past?

4. Should we try to alter the non-Western image of us (the United States and Western culture in general)? If so, how should we try to do this?

Reference no: EM131101776

Pivotal in the development of the information age

Which technologies have been pivotal in the development of the Information Age? To what extent did the Industrial Revolution create the foundation for modern technologies?

Describe the role responsibility various agencies preceding

Describe the role responsibilities and deficiencies of various agencies preceding the 9/11 attacks and explain how the event of 9/11 should have been better anticipated.

Public inscriptions carved on stone-clay

In the many public inscriptions carved on stone, clay, or other material such as the Inscription of Enmetena, Maya Stele from Aguateca Stele, The Code of Hammurabi, The Cyrus

Make sure to consider important social and economic movement

Make sure to consider important social, political, and economic movements, as well as Civil Rights struggles, that have impacted the profession you chose to write about.

Why might these stories have been so popular at home

In Ernie Pyle's book which is Brave Men, it has three sectionss (Sicily, Italy, France). From each section choose two separate examples. Is there a common thread of theme? W

What should the primary purpose of sport

What were some of the "versions of manliness" embedded into college football in the late19thcentury, and to what degree were they the same as, or different from, the version

Compare dumuzi and osiris based on their roles

Compare Dumuzi and Osiris based on their ROLES in their respective mythologies. What is their function? How are those functions similar and different? Be sure to refer to sp

Analyze the case of plessy and ferguson

Analyze the case of Plessy v. Ferguson. What does this Supreme Court decision tell us about America at this time? What does it tell us about blacks' reaction to segregation?


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