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Computer Crimes and Computer Security

You have been hired as a security representative at Computers, Security, and Investigations Inc. (CSII). CSII has approximately five hundred employees who specialize in computer security and computer investigations and consulting services.

One of your first assignments is to ensure that all employees are educated about computer crime and security. Your supervisor has asked you to chair a meeting with senior managers to outline the issues employees should be made aware of.

On the basis of your assigned readings, discuss with your classmates the information you think every employee of CSII should know related to computer security.

Submission Details:

In a minimum of 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your answers to the following:

• How did computer crimes affect computer systems and law enforcement when computers first appeared?

• What are the important definitions about computer crime and security that CSII employees should remember?

• What are some of the traditional computer crimes that would help CSII employees understand the crimes' probable effects on them and the company? Discuss three examples.

• What categories of computer crimes or cyber criminals do CSII employees need to know?

• How can you best illustrate to the employees how they can use this information to protect themselves and CSII?

Reference no: EM131142524

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