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You are studying for an accounting exam tomorrow. You are having difficulty in this course and the grade you make on this exam can make the difference between receiving a final grade of B or C. If you receive a C, it will lower your GPA to the point that you could lose your academic scholarship and possibly not have the money to continue your education. An hour ago, a friend, also enrolled in the course but a different section under the same professor, called you with some unexpected news. She has found a copy of an old exam from a previous semester. In looking at the exam, she said it appears to contain questions that come right from your class notes; even the same numbers. She offers to make a copy for you and bring it over. You glance at your course syllabus and find the following: “You are expected to do your own work in this class. Although you may study with others, giving, receiving or obtaining information pertaining to an examination is considered an act of academic dishonesty, unless such action is authorized by the instructor giving the exam. Also, divulging the contents of an exam is considered an act of academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty is considered a violation of the student code of honor and will subject the student to disciplinary procedures, which can include suspension from the college.” For your initial post, discuss the following:1. What is the ethical issue in this situation? 2. Who are the stakeholders? (A stakeholder is a person, group, organization, or system who affects or can be affected by particular actions.) What are the possible consequences to each stakeholder?3. What are the alternatives in this situation? 4. What would you do? How would you justify your decision? How would your decision make you feel afterwards? Would the element of risk involved (chance of getting caught) have any bearing on your decision?5. How could this scenario be similar to a future business situation you may encounter?6. Why do you think it might be helpful to think about ethical dilemmas that could occur and how you would respond, before encountering them in the workplace?

Reference no: EM13994025

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