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To help you focus, your supervisor has given you these additional requirements:

The title slide should give your name, department, and title of the presentation.

The presentation should be titled either "How Communication benefits operations management"

One slide should explain the work priorities and responsibilities of the professionals you represent.

Other slides (no more than three) should do one or more of the following:

List key forms of communication used by professionals to fulfill their responsibilities and achieve their goals. (See model tables in Thill and Bovée: for instance, Table 4.1 [p. 105].

Outline or diagram a communication model used by professionals in the process of fulfilling duties or achieving specific goals. (See Thill and Bovée for model diagrams: for instance, Figure 1.3 [p. 8], Figure 1.5 [p. 14], and Figure 4.10 [p. 111].)

Explain comparative examples of effective and ineffective written messages (excerpts only) relevant to your work area. (See Chapter 5 in Thill and Bovée for examples of how to present comparisons of effective and ineffective verbal messages.)

The concluding slide should give recommendations to individuals in other departments for communicating effectively with your group.

Reference no: EM131147329

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