How can resistance be used to help the client

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Question: Topic: Resistance

According to the Clinton and Ohlschlager (2002), resistance of a client is a regular dynamic in counseling. Using the text or journal articles, how can resistance be used to help the client? Explain a technique in addressing resistance. In what ways do you express resistance?


Reference no: EM132279835

What some major concerns you had regarding milgram study

Review Argosy's IRB Checklist. Gather information on Stanley Milgram's study on obedience and authority. Using the IRB checklist as a guideline, what were some major concern

Identify which claim type showed the largest increase

Calculate the quantity relative for each claim type to identify which claim type showed the largest increase in the number of claims over this three-year period.

What is meant by a marriage market

What is meant by a marriage market? Why do you think cohabitation has emerged as such a common way to form a first union (i.e., as opposed to marriage)? Why do you think that

National newspapers -proquest

Analyze the number of people who participated in the sample compared to the number in the population. Most news articles will not provide information on the number of people s

Advantages and disadvantages of potential interventions

Explain the impact of the environment and communicable diseases on the health of populations. Explain the burden of chronic diseases on morbidity and mortality and approache

Social movements that change american culture

During history there have been numerous social movements which have changed American culture forever. In the last decade, the Tea Party movement has done this.

Political polls and voter turnout

The media's early declarations of a winner depress voter turnout in areas where the polls are still open. What else must I describe in order to make this idea an acceptable

Continuous personal improvement plan

Helping create a continuous personal improvement plan: -Personal improvement objectives -An action plan with time frames -Strategies for achieving your objectives


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