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How can make Speech Certque better?

The topic of speech is: "how to kill a goldfish"

Given the speech is:

During my speech about "how to kill a goldfish" my nervousness affected my speech. A signs of this was the fact that I spoke too fast and the rocking back and forth. I was finally able to slow my speech down after taking a few deep breaths. Another way I was able to not be so nervous was by looking at one person like I was having a one on one conversation. While watching the video I had noticed that my speech was clear. Also, I could understand what my main points were. My tone during my speech was loud enough where if you were sitting in the back of classroom you would be able to hear me. I believe my speech was well formulated, where all of my ideas flowed from one idea to the next. For my next speech I do not believe it will be necessary to change anything.

Reference no: EM131204336

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