How can leaders motivate followers to change

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What has led to the recent interest in followership research

How can leaders motivate followers to change?

In your mind, are there any risks associated with servant leadership?

What is an authentic leader responsible for?

According to research, in what ways might Millennials not respond positively to the TL approach?

In what ways has technology use enhanced or hindered your working relationship with a leader or follower? For example: texting (instead of phoning), use of social media sites (instead of in-person conversation), and so on.

What is the underlying assumption of expectancy theory? How does this pose a challenge for the leader?

Find a profile of an unconventional leader (notPresident Trump, Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates) from a magazine, newspaper, or online source and be prepared to share in class:

• How did he or she become a leader?

• Which of the approaches students have studied so far (traits, skills, styles, situational) best explains this leader's influence?

• Did you gain any new insights into leadership? Is there a take-away lesson for the class?

Compare and contrast Blake and Mouton's managerial grid theory to the Ohio State and Michigan studies.

The Mumford Skills Model was based on studies of more than 1,800 Army officers. How might leadership in the army be similar to/different from leadership in business, the arts, collegiate sports, or scientific research?

Rate yourself on the Leadership Trait Questionnaire. What do you perceive as your greatest strength? Give an example of how your behavior in one situation illustrated this strength. What do you perceive as your greatest weakness? Give an example of how your behavior in one situation illustrated this weakness.

Give the definition of leadership used in this text, and then explain the following components of leadership: process, influence, group context, and goal attainment.

Reference no: EM132279992

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