How big are the transistors in the nand-based flash

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Read the ComputerWorld article " Micron shrinks NAND 28% in upcoming flash drives" ( and answer the following questions:

  1. How big are the transistors in the NAND-based flash?
  2. How many bits can be stored in each cell?  How many were previously stored in MLC flash (read further)?
  3. What is the density increase that has been achieved?
  4. In which types of devices will Toshiba be using their new memory chips?

Find at least one source online written within the last three months that contains a review of several SSD drive models.  (Note: this should not be a blog; it should be a trade journal or product review site.)

  1. Which models were recommended for both price and performance. (Note: these may be viewed as separate criteria or the best of both.)
    1. Why were the models selected ranked highest?
    2. What is the current price range for these models
  2. Do you currently own an SSD?

    1. If yes, what are the pros/cons?

    2. If not, when you purchase your next laptop or desktop, will you look for an SSD for your secondary storage device? Why or why not? Would you give up price for performance? Size for performance?

  3. Source(s) used and post date. Full URLs are required.

Reference no: EM13847386

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