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Structured System Analysis & Design

1. Assume you are the system analyst who will be conducting a requirements analysis for an individually owned brick-and-mortar retail store with a point-of-sale system. Identify who the typical internal and external users might include.

2. Identify in which phase of the development process the following activities belong:

a. Development of the technical blueprint or sign document.

b. Project scheduling

c. Integration testing

Interviewing system users to define business requirements

3. How are the business perspectives and the technology perspectives of an informations system related.

4. Table 3.1 in the text book illustrates the difference in a typical project's duration person month, quality, and cost, depending upon whether an organization's system development process is at CMM 1,2,or 3. Between which two CMM levels does an organization gain the greatest benefits in terms of percentages of improvements? What do you think is the reason for this?

5. You have been asked to complete a project in the shortest time possible. The project task, most likely duration (in days), and predecessors are shown below. What are the different path (sequence of task) and the number of days for each? What is the critical path that is the shortest time in which the project can be completed is it actually important in the business world for project managers to understand critical path analysis, or is this just theoretical knowledge?

Reference no: EM13852168

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