How are internet technologies affecting the structure
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1) Using the jobs characteristics approach, how motivating do you think the job of a typical employee is in this organization is?

2) Can you think of of a way typical job could be enlarged or enriched?

3) What kind of organizational structure does the organization use? If it was part of a chain or larger organization, what structure does the entire organization use? What other structures discussed in the text might allow the organization to operate more effectively? For example, would the product team structure lead to greater efficiency or defectiveness why or why not?

4) How many levels are there in the organization's hierarchy? Is the authority centralized or decentralized? Describe the span of control of the top manager and middle or first-line managers.

5) Is the distribution of authority appropriate for the organization and its activities?

6) Describe the organizations culture and the way it affects how people and groups behave.

How are Internet technologies affecting the structure and work roles of modern organizations?

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