How another part of the country go about finding you

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Question: College level writing assignment. paper must include grammar, and punctuation.

How might someone in another part of the country go about finding you if they had only your name and the name of the community you lived in 15 years ago? Make a list of all the sources-people sources, organizational sources, and documentary or records sources-that might be utilized by an investigator to locate you.

Reference no: EM132184334

Explaining the glass ceiling affect

Provide explanation of what the glass ceiling affect is, a brief history of it and how minorities and women are affected by it with examples.

What is meant by liberal or conservative judges

Explore the ideological tendencies of the majority and minority of the current U.S. Supreme Court. What is meant by "liberal" or "conservative" judges? Considering the process

Assignment- observing and evaluating teaching practices

Assignment : Observing and Evaluating Teaching Practices. In this assignment you will observe, document, and evaluate two (2) instructional sessions associated with adult le

Examine the three core conflicts

Reflect on which side of each conflict you may hold a preference as an emerging professional. Apply professional or personal experience and examine the three core conflicts.

Discuss how the burdens of pollution

Explain why our society seems to be embracing the green movement today. Discuss how the burdens of pollution, waste disposal, and resource extraction come to be unequally dist

Explain the basics of building tables

As the project manager of the newly designed system for the oncology department, you are asked to provide a memo for the upcoming meeting with the chief executive officer (C

Arguments that affirmative action requires

To answer this question effectively, you must at some point explain why Wolff would argue that arguments that affirmative action requires reverse discrimination are flawed.

Discuss the issues pertaining to informed consent

In this assignment, you will discuss the issues pertaining to informed consent in conducting evaluations and apply ethical decision making to a scenario in which there is a


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