How and why would vigorous exercise cause

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How and why would vigorous exercise cause changes in: tidal volume, total lung volume, residual volume, IRV, ERV and vital capacity?

Reference no: EM132280479

How to calibrate a spectrometer with saltwater

Why is a spectrometer calibrated with saltwater before taking the measurement of an E. coli cell concentration? Do you always calibrate a spectrometer with saltwater?

Why is this an assay for reca function

You can carry out matings between an Hfr and F- strain by mixing the two cell types in a small patch on a plate and then replica plating to selective medium. This methodolog

Use your knowledge about the limits to cell size

After reading the article titled, "Epulopiscium fishelsoni, Big Bug Baffles Biologists!", use your knowledge about the limits to cell size and speculate as to why these cell

What is a sensitized sheep rbc

Briefly explain how a complement fixation test is used to determine the etiological agent of a disease or in other words whatdoes this test tell us about the patient.

Types of heart chambers

In mammals, the role of the heart is to pump blood around the body. The events that occur during one heart beat are known as the cardiac cycle. The timing for one cardiac cy

Produce changes in allele frequency

Populations evolve, not individuals. Evolution means that over time, allele frequencies within a population change. What are the four evolutionary mechanisms or forces that pr

Why is the rate of muscle relaxation much slower

at high stimulus voltages, the muscle response reaches a maximum amplitude. why doesn't the muscle response continue to increase with increasing stimulus voltages?

Effect of an acidic fluid on enzymatic activity

Develop an experiment in which you will test the effect of an acidic fluid on enzymatic activity. To complete this assignment, it may be useful for you to review the Scientifi


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