How an individuals culture may influence syndromes
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Although psychology prides itself on being a science, the art of diagnosis goes beyond a simple checklist of symptoms. Clinicians generally recognize that any diagnostic exercise must include a culturally sensitive interpretation and analysis of symptoms.

This week's discussion touched on how an individual's culture may influence the presentation of symptoms and syndromes. Keeping the discussion in mind, consider the importance and impact of a patient's cultural background when making a diagnosis.

In this 250- to 500-word journal entry, begin by choosing one symptom or syndrome covered in the Wen-Shing (2006) article that resonated with you. Find at least one case study on the symptom or syndrome and briefly describe it for the reader. Google Scholar is not an acceptable resource for this journal. Explain clearly why you chose to comment on this symptom or syndrome instead of other options. If the symptom or syndrome appears to be similar to a condition found in the DSM-5, compare and contrast what is found in the DSM-5 with what is discussed in the Wen-Shing article.


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The present discussion of the symptoms and syndromes is discussed in conjunction with pagophagia. Pagophagia related to iron deficiency anemia, which is linked with development, psychological, biochemical, and cultural disorder. There are several other forms of phagia, which is collectively called as pica (such as amylophagia, coprophagia, geophagy, and hematophagy), which include consumption of non-foods (Tseng, 2006).

It was suggested that many of the people are unaware of pagophagia (iron deficiency), which may lead to varieties of syndrome and symptoms. This often leads to tongue pain and glossal inflammation due to deficiency of iron. It was earlier claimed that chewing ice has potential to relieve symptoms from stomatitis, where a study in 2009 published that Japanese women ate copious amount of ice to relieve joint pain disorder (Aloni, 2014).

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