How agile project management relates to project management

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Your question stated as:

‘'How agile project management improves project management of information technology projects.''

is viable for a research paper. What would you do after you have described agile methodology and how it improves management of information technology?

The idea is that your 'data collection' should ultimately lead to some meaningful conclusion through your analysis.

The basic essence of the question is OK, but we would need to add a perspective of detailed research insights through the process of data collection and analysis to contribute to the question in a constructive way to substantiate the answer (or a possible answer) to your question.

So, as a next step in the process, let's go ahead work your research question into an initial abstract.

Initial Topic Proposal Below. Please use information above to correct the research and to create an abstract for this. If the abstract is good, then I will need to have a highly authoritative 9-page research paper to complete, if interested.

How Agile Project Management Relates to Project Management

From the defined meaning of agile project management one is able to get an understanding of the role agile project management plays in the project management.

According to Cobb (2011), agile project management helps project managers to be able to adopt an approach to project management that is based on value that ensures that the project managers are able to deliver projects of the highest quality and priority to the involved stakeholders.

The approach involves the breaking down of the planning and guidance processes into small processes that are reviewed by a team for suitable alterations.

The outcomes revealed form the critiquing and reviews determine the next course of action for the project (Cobb, 2011). This makes the project more responsive and more capable of delivering good quality projects compared to the less agile projects. It also has a better turnaround time especially for high priority and value projects compared to the traditional project management.

The main challenge associated is related to the human capital available to the project manager as they are required to do more with same number of staff and resources. It also puts the project manager in a difficult position since they can always be second guessed by stakeholders especially when decisions could go wrong (Cobb, 2011). Thus, communication can also be a key challenge in the agile project management.

The changes required by a project management team in adapting to new changes can prove to be difficult for teams especially since the traditional project management can easily morph into one man shows which goes against the tenets of agile project management that takes a more of a team approach.


Cobb, C. G. (2011). Making sense of agile project management: Balancing control and agility. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Reference no: EM131441981

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