How a terrorist event could be conducted in your hometown
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CBRN Agent 5 Page Essay

Select ONE of the CBRN categories, then pick ONE particular agent from that category and based on our readings this term, place yourself in the role of a terrorist and offer your perspective of how a terrorist event could be conducted in your hometown, then provide your perspective on how to prevent such an attack and support your work by a variety of academic material to give your opinion more validity.

Your essay should approximately 5 pages. You will need to have a cover page or the reference page; however, they are NOT included in the page count for your essay. All references should be cited using APA format. Be sure to make a clear thesis statement and argument and use examples to support your analysis. Papers should be double spaced.

No abstract is required.

Points will be deducted for the use of Wikipedia or encyclopedic type sources. It is highly advised to utilize: books, peer reviewed journals, articles, archived documents, etc. (may be electronic of course and the Turabian manual lists all the types of possible resources and reference formats, hint...hint), and valid web sites (use caution with these).

Save your work as a Microsoft Word document entitled 'YourLastNamewk#.doc' (i.e., Smith1.doc) and upload this document as your assignment.

Your work should consist of (I encourage you to even use these as headings if you would like):

• Introduction (this will have a well-defined purpose statement in your intro paragraph that provides guidance to the reader about what you are going to cover in your paper.)

• Selected CBRN Agent background
• Proposed Terrorist Scenario
• Prevention Strategy(s)
• Conclusion
• Works Cited.

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