How a manager should address the human and product issues

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Scenario: Given the company (Verizon) you chose in your group assignments, assume that this company (Verizon) wants to expand globally.

Evaluate in 1,750 words how a manager should address the human and product issues that will arise from global expansion. Assess specifically how the organizational structure might change, how to handle change management, and how this may impact the life cycle of the company. Consider the following:

  • Ability to obtain new financial sources
  • Competitors
  • Product life cycle
  • New needs of a customer
  • Regulations
  • Sustainable development
  • Changing/shifting demographics
  • Social consciousness
  • Demographics
  • External/internal environment
  • Psychological needs of current employees
  • Cultural differences of employees in the new country

List at least three risks that may occur, and evaluate potential solutions to mitigate or eliminate the risk. You should have a least one human management risk and one resource or materials risk.

Cite a minimum of 4 references.

Reference no: EM131149280

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