How a certain technology contributes to shaping space

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Length: 1,800 words

Following our lectures and discussions in class, write a short research essay in any one of the areas listed below. The aim of this assignment is to test your ability to identify a specific case study based on critical analysis of a media-related phenomenon and use it to convey a clear and effective argument about the political or social significance of contemporary media. In this paper you must use theories and insights from the course and beyond. You have a great deal of freedom in terms of choice of your case study and research question, and we are happy to discuss your ideas as you work on the paper.


* Taste and class
* Geography
* Public sphere
* Social media and work

Assignment details
In this paper you must:

1. Pick one of the areas listed above

2. Identify a case study that allows you to say something about the chosen area of interest. Possible case studies encompass media technologies or phenomena, such as for example:

* a speci3c algorithm or set of algorithms, i.e. recommendation algorithms
* the role of a whole service, i.e. Uber
* a speci3c strategy, i.e. social media in5uencing for political campaigns
* an entire area, i.e. journalistic labour and social media
* etcetera...

3. Develop a research question, such as (among many possible examples):

* how a certain technology contributes to shaping space or taste
* which problems arise from the adoption of a new medium/tech
* relation between media and power
* the political signi3cance of the emergence of a new form of labour
* new ways of reinforcing class-based di)erences through digital media

4. Use the question to guide your research on the chosen case study. You can either conduct empirical research (content analysis, participant observation, etc - but in this case talk to me ASAP for ethical issues) or base your analysis on a deep knowledge of the case study (read journalistic reports, analyse the website, etc). PS remember to provide basic background on the chosen medium or phenomenon, do not take for granted the readers is already familiar with it.

5. Build a strong argument based on your case study and hypothesis: does it allow you to say something about the media in general? Does it contradict or update theories we discussed in class? What is its signi3cance in social, political, or historical terms? Etc. Be creative and try to link your research to media theory or broader political and societal issues related to media.

6. Provide a research bibliography (8 to 12 sources) which should be mostly academic (journal articles, books, reports, etc.) but can include a few journalistic sources. You can use readings from the coursepack but should also conduct your own research. Reference your sources with any academic reference style as long as it is consistent and clear.

* 1,800 words (± 10%) plus references
* Provide a title and your name
* Upload your paper on . No hard copy necessary
* Late assignments will be penalized as per syllabus (10% per day). You can use a one-week extension by listing your name on the appropriate Blackboard thread before the assignment deadline
* Once again: any reference style, any line spacing, as long as the essay is consistent and readable

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The paper is in relation to the analysis of the social media and work. The case study that has been examined for further analysis is the Emotional Labor. The use of social media affecting the people in both negative and positive manner has been explained. Moreover, the fact there should be certain control on the same is discussed.

Reference no: EM132184146

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12/3/2018 2:13:47 AM

OK, all this sounds cool, but what the **** is a case study? Good question! A case study is a research format that focuses on a narrow and speci3c topic but allows to generalize your 3ndings, at least partially. A couple of resources: * On the case study format and how to choose a research question * Myths and suggestions about writing an essay Assignment review We will discuss the assignment in class, including a full-5edged review on November 22. If you have ideas about your case study and research question, we will discuss them in class


12/3/2018 2:13:16 AM

Grading criteria * An original and clear research question, relevant for the chosen area (20%) * Evidence that the case study is well researched and clearly presented to the reader (30%) * Ability to use the case study to address the social or political signi3cance of contemporary media (20%) * Use of relevant literature in appropriate and creative ways (20%) * Well written, free from errors, spell-checked and proofread (10%) How do I 3nd relevant scholarly literature? * Ask a librarian! * Use Google Scholar or other search engines * We are available for individual consultations via email or during office hours * We will use to publish and update a list of readings that we find relevant for the research areas but are not included in the syllabus. Feel free to use them directly or as initial sources to find out about other studies in your area of interest


12/3/2018 2:12:44 AM

Pick one!! of these areas and identify a case study to write Please follow the instructions carefully I was sent to notes afterwards for each of the case area you could use. Areas (Taste and class) (Geography) (Public sphere) (Social media and work)

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