Homelessness problem and solution evaluation

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Prepare a research paper on Homelessness

Homelessness Problem and Solution Evaluation

The issue of homelessness is of great concern to government officials, social service providers, as well as society.

Research done by the department of housing in the United States i found out that 633,782 people in America were homeless. The research also concluded that one out of every fifty children will become homeless each year, making the number rise drastically.

One should note that as years go by, many children will become homeless and reside ty the streets. Only a few lucky ones will be able to come out of the streets and find a better life which they can enjoy.

One solution that can be used to end homelessness is by building permanent houses for the affected people. An emphasis of how homelessness affects America and how it can be reduced will be considered.

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Reference no: EM13741784

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