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Final Case Study

Devin is an 18-year-old high school track athlete who competes in field events. His specialties are the shot put and discus. He was ranked 12th in the state in shot put as a junior. His goal is to win the state championship this year as a senior. He has 6 months to train before the regional and state meets. His current training schedule is :








45 min HITT

Pre-workout wt: 210Lb

Post workout wt:


1 hr Strength Training- Upper body

Pre-workout wt: 210lb

Post workout wt:


Throwing Practice

45min HITT

1 hr Strength Training Lower body

Throwing Practice


He plans to gain 5–8 pounds of muscle mass in the next 2 months so that during peak training, he will be bigger and stronger. However, he has not yet implemented any dietary changes that would initiate the weight gain process. His current intake is listed in the table below. He is 5’11” and weighs 210 lbs.

  1. Calculate his energy needs

  2. Calculate his fluid needs (see wt changes in chart above)

  3. Calculate BMI –determine what range (ex. Healthy, over weight etc.)

  4. Determine the number of grams ofCHO, Pro and Fat per day.

  5. Complete the table below with a revised meal plan that will help Devin meet his weight gain goal. Please document the justification for any changes in the third column.

  6. Provide educational handoutsand forms that you could use in your counseling session

Sample Meal Plan: Devin       






Reason for change


Raisin Bran cereal, 1.5 c

1% milk, 1 c

2 eggs, fried in butter

Orange juice, 12 oz

Breakfast Total:

Total Calories: 798

Protein (g): 31



Ham sandwiches (3–4 oz), 2

Potato chips, 1 oz pkg

Large apple, 1

Cola, 12 oz

Lunch Total:

Total Calories: 953

Protein (g): 48



Protein shake, ready to drink, 1 (12 oz)

Snack Total:

Total Calories: 220

Protein (g): 22



Baked fish, 8 oz

Broccoli, cooked, 1 cup

Wild rice, 1 cup

Cola, 12 oz

Dinner Total:

Total Calories: 660

Protein (g): 61



Usually no evening snack

Snack Total:

Total Calories: 0

Protein (g): 0


Total Daily Intake:

Total Calories: 2,631

Protein (g): 162


Reference no: EM13264315

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