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1.) What characteristics differentiate a high-performance team from the normal/average team?

2.) Let's look at the opposite - a team that is considered a failure. Why do teams fail? What can be done to turn a failing team into a high-performance team?

3.) In your own words, write a description of an effective leader. List and explain five qualities that you believe are found in effective leaders. (Try to choose qualities that have not already been described.)

4.) What qualities do you currently have that would help make you an effective leader? What effective leader qualities do you not have that you would like to cultivate? How do you plan to develop these qualities?

5.) This week, we are introduced to earned value techniques. Why is this method any different than just comparing the traditional budget to date with the expenditures to date or comparing schedule to date to the schedule baseline? After reviewing the EV technique and calculations, does the method have any use when monitoring a project? What drawbacks does the EV technique have that may limit its use in project management?

6.) The organization you work for may not use the earned value method but it must use some method to control a project. Does the organization for which you work, or one with which you are familiar, use earned value? If it does, briefly describe the system and discuss any changes or improvements you would make. If not, which process is used to monitor and control a project's performance? How effective is your organization's system?

Reference no: EM131446915

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