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Assume you are the CFO of ABC Corporation, a multi-state supplier of janitorial supplies.  The CEO as just met with you and "suggested" your job might depend on your ability to hide in the books some of the management perks enjoyed by the CEO and VPs.  Using #1 above, apply each question, test and source of enlightenment to the problem.  How will you handle this?

Post your discussion in no less than 3 paragraphs in the Threaded Discussion box and reply to at least one other posting by a classmate.

Here is the CLASSMATES RESPONSE that I need responded to per question 2 :)

The effect on the customers would be dishonesty and mistrust, with high price increases to cover up the "perks" given to the chief officers. If this ever got out to the employees you would have a lot of trouble on your hands. The company may have to layoff several employees to maintain profitability just because the books were changed to cover up my perks. I would be stealing from my employees that have put their trust in me.

The effect on my business would be that of a ruined reputation not only with my employees but customers as well. Work rates might decreases employees might just get up and walk out the door and the rest of the business world would hear  about what my company was doing. The test of universality would make me ask the question “why can't I get something in return”. The enlightenment from a seasoned manager would be very helpful since they would likely be a person with previous experience on these matters.

The effect on the business community would be terrible. No one wants to work with a company that has a terrible reputation. Employees within my own operation may reconsider working for me. The company as a whole could face legal penalties for fraudulent books and I would have done all this just to have a few perks.

Reference no: EM13284620

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