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1. (a) Prove that no 2-temperature refrigerator operating between reservoirs at hotter and colder temperatures Tand Thas a greater coefficient of performance than a Carnot refrigerator. Use diagrams of the type introduced in the chapter.

(b) Find the minimum amount of electrical energy needed to create 0.50 kg of ice from water at 0 °C in a household freezer that rejects heat to a room at 20 °C.

2. Show that a heat pump with a coefficient of performance COPgreater than a heat pump that operates on a Carnot cycle would violate Clausius' statement of the second law.

Reference no: EM131011952

Final temperature of the air in the chamber

The walls of a vacuum chamber are punctured so that air (γ = 1.4) can flow in. What is the final temperature of the air in the chamber? Assume the temperature of the atmosph

Internal energy function for a van der waals gas

The internal energy function for a van der Waals gas with constant cV is U(T, v) = n (cV T - a/v), where v is the specific volume. Find the change in temperature Tf - T0 tha

Determining the compression ratio

Find the final temperature when air is compressed adiabatically from an initial temperature of 293 K (20 °C): (a) When the compression ratio Vf /V0 is 1/10 (as in gasoline eng

Pressure doubling of the volume

A cyclic equilibrium process in n moles of an ideal gas with cV = 2.5R is formed of three sub-processes: a → b is a constant pressure doubling of the volume; b → c is at const

Constant volume with decreasing pressure

1. An airplane takes off from a coastal city where the air temperature is 20 °C (68 °F) and climbs to cruising altitude. At what altitude will the outside temperature be 0 °

Cell phone ownership

Refer to Exercise 8.41 (page 517). The estimated proportion of undergraduates owning a phone in 2000 was 43%. We want to test whether the proportion of undergraduate cell ph

Downloading music from the internet

A 2005 survey of Internet users reported that 22% downloaded music onto their computers. The ?ling of lawsuits by the recording industry may be a reason why this percent has

Comparison of proportion of frequent binge drinkers

1. A comparison of the proportion of frequent binge drinkers, revisited. Refer to Exercise 8.46. Redo the exercise in terms of the proportion of nonfrequent binge drinkers i


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