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Query an Online Data Source to Measure Performance
Project Description: In this project you'll learn about to query an online database of patient satisfaction ratings and report the results.
Presume you work in the quality management department at a nearby hospital. You know the results of patient satisfaction surveys are publicly available on the Internet and consumers in your market area can get this data. You want the hospital leaders and the governing board to see what the data reveal about the hospital where you work and how it compares to other hospitals in the state and to hospitals throughout the U.S. You'll use data on the Why Not the Best website to create a report for hospital leaders.
The report you will create includes the measures the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). This survey asks a random sample of recently discharged patients about important aspects of their hospital experience.

1. Go to the Commonwealth website, Why Not the Best

2. Use the search function on this site to retrieve the data you need to create a report. Choose a hospital nearby (or the hospital that has been assigned by your instructor). Find the most recent data for the measures in the category entitled, "Patient Experience (HCAHPS)." You want the data for the hospital, the state where the hospital is located, and the entire U.S. The measurement results you are looking for:

• Percent of patients that were highly satisfied
• Percent who reported that doctors always communicated well
• Percent who reported that nurses always communicated well
• Percent who reported they always received help as soon as they wanted
• Percent who reported that staff always explained about medicines
• Percent who reported that pain was always well controlled
• Percent who reported that their room was always kept quiet at night
• Percent who reported that their room and bathroom was always kept clean
• Percent who reported that they were given information about recovery at home
• Percent who reported that they would definitely recommend this hospital to friends and family

3. Create a tabular report for hospital leadership that shows the results for each question for the hospital, the state and the nation. Format the report so it is easy for the leaders to compare the hospital's results with state and national results. Be sure to include the time period for the data that is being reported.

Note: You can access the data to complete the report without signing up for an account on the site. If you do sign-up (it's free) you'll be able to download the data. Otherwise, you'll only be able to view the search results. The search function on this site is self-explanatory, however if you need assistance use the "help" function on the site.

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