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Group Wiki: Analyzing Organizations

Performing a SWOT analysis and an Appreciative Inquiry analysis is a strategic method for measuring organizational progress and success. It is also a way for organizations to identify strategic issues and develop a plan to address these issues. As a current or future leader and manager of an organization, it is essential to understand the purpose and components of these analysis methods, as well as the benefits and limitations of each. In this Group Wiki, you compare these two analysis methods and explain your preference for one of the methods.

To complete:

In the Group Wiki, write by a summary to address the following with your Final Project in mind:

· Compare the SWOT and Appreciative Inquiry (AI) analysis process. Include how outcomes might differ.

· Explain why you might use one process over another. Include whether you will use SWOT or AI in your Final Project.

Reference no: EM131123831

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