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Greeting a nationwide health club

You are the founder of a health club. The health club industry is quite fragmented wieth a many small players and just a few larger players such as LA fitness 24 hours fitness your backers what you to devise a strategy for growing you r business quickly establishing a nationwide chain of health club

1- is there scope of revalue innovation in this industry what might a value innovation strategy look like ?

2- describe how your chosen strategy would enable you to create a national brand and or attain scale economies

3- what would your growth strategy be chaining or franchising be sure to justify your answer

Reference no: EM13899198

Critical roles for marketing research management

Give 2 real life examples of how the three critical roles for marketing research management (descriptive, diagnostic and predictive) have been used by a consumer goods company

Which measures should be included in benchmarking program

Five examples of the types of measures that are often gathered in benchmarking studies. How does a firm determine which measures should be included in its benchmarking program

How these companies should manage these political risks

Identify three companies that operate internationally and explore the possible sources of political risk for each of those firms, given the countries in which they have a pres

Focus on achieving an assertive but friendly tone

Making Claims – Think about a product or service you have purchased in the past that did not work properly. Write a claim email to the company about it. Explain why your claim

Distinguish between three major types of ordinary bailments

List the requirements for an instrument to be negotiable. Define security interest and identify 3 requirements for an enforceable security interest. Define and distinguish bet

Employees wear uniforms and protective clothing while on job

Frenchy's Fast Fries (3F) requires that its employees wear uniforms and protective clothing while on the job. 3F provides a locker room for the employees to leave their street

How accurately can loss of potential profit be estimated

Is it ethical for the law to impose liability retroactively? Should government force a person to pay for doing something that was legal and carried no penalty at the time it w

Considering outsourcing its technical support call center

A computer manufacturing is considering outsourcing its technical support call center to India. Its current technical support call center is located in Small Town, Iowa. The c


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