Greatest happiness for the greatest number of people

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Mill believes that an action is moral if it tends to produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. Carefully discuss what is meant by this, and his argument for believeing it is true. Evaluate his position and his reasoning.

Reference no: EM13518887

Examine how a particular myth influenced culture

Examine how a particular myth influenced/inspired something specific in culture or the arts, including but not limited to a work of art, a poem, a religious ritual, a film,

Why is mathematics the language of science

The scientific method is used every day in solving common problems. Suppose that the lights suddenly go off in your house. Which of the following is a sensible hypothesis fo

Central to rawls'' conception of justice

Central to Kant's ethics are the ideas of reason and universality. Central to Rawls' conception of justice is the so called original position. Interestingly enough, however, t

Smoke is causally linked to lung diseases

To find out if second hand smoke is causally linked to lung diseases, the quickest way to get significant results would require using: (b) retrospective experiments. (b) prosp

Difference in good and bad behaviors

The video was very powerful. Ethics is part of what we are taught the difference in good and bad behaviors. Knowing that we all have choices it is up to us to do the right t

What are real-world applications for trig functions

What are real-world applications for trig functions, particularly those that come from your program? What do you see as the differences between Developmental psychology and ot

Some similarities across cultures

What are some differences between cultures or groups, and how might these differences affect teamwork or productivity in the workplace?

How will we collect the data

Create a matrix to focus and plan data collection for your proposed evaluation, providing detailed background information about the program and the evaluation; also providin


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