Graphic image with attributes alt and align

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Rather than find a host and post our website as a final project, we will request a "Final HTML Project", one which presents a theme. It may be your search paper, expanded to include the topics below. It may be simulating a professional website espousing a business. It may be a personal web site.

There are certain requisites that this website contains for full credit. Though the final project seems to break down into 100 points (below), it is actually worth13 points overall. Points below describe the value of each option. If I don't have a second page then my project would forfeit 10 points, based on 100, for a maximum score of 90% of 13 = 11.7. Coding errors, based on 100 points, forfeit anywhere from 2 pts to 5.

Project is due on OR BEFORE final exam session

Write an html document which contains the following:

Header h1 to h6 one or more instance of

Lists ordered, unordered or definition

Graphic Image with attributes alt and align

Links to another website, to another page, to email?

Jumps another form of link - to elsewhere on this document page

mailto: can be in a form or a link

CSS create at least one style class and change the way at least one tag works

Special characters at least one

Table' for layout purposes or else as a standard table with rows and columns

Form with text box, text area, check boxes, radio buttons and select list

Home page + other pages link to another page (can be form) and have a link to return home

Hexadecimal color coding

Reference no: EM131193969

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