Government''s management of public opinion during world war

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1. All the following are considered major Great Society programs EXCEPT the:

a. Voting Rights Act
b. Medical Care Act
c. Appalachian Regional Development Act
d. Interstate Highway Act

2. Which of the following is NOT true regarding the government's management of public opinion during World War II?: 

[A] The government tightly restricted reports of casualty figures and pictures of dead soldiers on battlefields.
[B] Americans were able to see and hear more war news than they had ever been able to before.
[C] Publishers and broadcasters were allowed to say and report whatever they thought would be in the best
interest of the public and the war effort.
[D] Government propaganda played up the barbarism of the Axis nations.
[E] Hollywood released films designed to highlight the heroism and unity of the American forces, while inciting hatred of the enemy,

Reference no: EM13169574

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