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You are a small business that has done some Government contracting so you know about FAR Part 49 regarding terminations. You have been approached by a large business to be a subcontractor to them on a new program. You are ecstatic! The subcontract document that they send you says that the prime contractor can terminate you for their convenience. Should you accept this term or not? Explain.

Reference no: EM13857501

Implement corporate social responsibility

The Unit 3 Discussion is designed for you to consider how a business might implement corporate social responsibility in their value chain. Put on your entrepreneur hat! Assume

Think of the argument that universal ethical egoism

What do you think of the argument that universal ethical egoism is inconsistent or incoherent? Do you perceive an internal contradiction in the idea of “group self-interest” i

What is the optimal protection level for the full fare

Consider the example of the Park Hyatt Philadephia discussed in the text. Recall that the full fare is $225, the expected full-fare demand is poison with mean 27.3, the discou

Managed care a positive or negative to field of health care

From your text readings and/or research from the web and/or the virtual library: List and discuss the pros and cons of managed care. In your opinion, is managed care a positiv

Watch repair shop buys batteries for a variety of products

A watch repair shop buys batteries for a variety of products. The most frequent battery purchase is for a Y300, with demand of 3,000 per year. The order cost is $15 per order,

What is the maximum authorized router inventory

Lous Bakery has established that JIT should be used for chocolate chips due to the high probability of the kitchen heat melting the chips. The average demand is 130 cups of ch

What is the most economical run length for batteries

An electronics firm produces calculators at a rate of 100 per week (5-day week and 50 weeks per year). Each calculator requires two nickel-cadmium batteries (10,000 per year t

Describe an effective decision-making process

Describe an effective decision-making process from your current or former workplace. This process could have taken place within your department/team or at the organizational l


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