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You are a small business that has done some Government contracting so you know about FAR Part 49 regarding terminations. You have been approached by a large business to be a subcontractor to them on a new program. You are ecstatic! The subcontract document that they send you says that the prime contractor can terminate you for their convenience. Should you accept this term or not? Explain.

Reference no: EM13857501

Index of the ability to pay taxes than income

Explain why many economists argue that an income tax penalizes savers but a consumption tax would not. In what sense can consumption be regarded as a better index of the abi

Determine the base pay for workers in all types of jobs

Explain and describe the importance of the 5 steps (Perform a job analysis, write job descriptions, evaluate jobs, design and perform a pay survey, develop a pay structure.)

Two beliefs your organization has about management

Which of your current beliefs (choose one or two) around Management do you wish could change (describe it) and why? Identify one or two beliefs your organization has (that may

Principal distinct components of international logistics

What are the principal distinct components of international logistics? What are the major costs of international logistics? Given what you read in Chapter 1 about the World Tr

Explain your plan to change the arrangement

You plan to have a meeting with the employees on your floor to explain your plan to change the arrangement and design of their floor space. You must make sure that your messag

Inventory integrity-metrics and parallel processing

Define and explain (citing examples) the following terms: 1. Inventory Integrity 2. Metrics 3. Parallel Processing 4. Sequential Processing 5. Radio Frequency Identification (

Explain the difference between fixed and variable costs

Describe the two most commonly used inventory valuation methods. Explain how each method effects the financial statement of the organization. If you were the CFO of an organ

Explain porters five basic forces of competition

Explain Porter’s five basic forces of competition. Gitman says that the goal of a firm is to maximize the wealth of its owners. What can financial managers do to achieve this


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