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Read the following and identify what theories of leadership would be most effective for each of the presented examples and how they would apply? * Please provide the resources used for each example.

1) The interpersonal relationship is very important in any organization which leads to the effectiveness of organizational performance. Good interpersonal relationship can be built based on the personalities of workers, colleagues, managers, and subordinate. The personalities can be understood based on their attitude. A person has both positive and negative attitudes; however, this is the most important element of an individual, as it affects the performance of not only the individual, but it affects the organization directly and indirectly as well. The negative attitude is based on the difference in opinion, ideas; thought process, work culture, etc.

2) Employees with different ideas and working style may not agree with each other sometimes and this leads to conflict situations. If the situation is not resolved people gets demotivated and this may result in lack of job satisfaction. Conflict situations between different personalities at the workplace impact the performance of the employees as well as the organization. Understanding emotional intelligence can help in identifying these situations and aid in resolving them quickly.

Reference no: EM131139388

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