Good employees during times of high unemployment

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1. How does the size and location of your company impact how and where you will recruit your new employees?

2. Is it easier or harder to find good employees during times of high unemployment? Why do you say this? (Provide examples/statistics or research to back up your statement.)

3. How does the wording of your want ads (and placement of those ads) determine who applies for your job openings?

4. How does the current make-up of your organization dictate where you will look to fill your openings?

Reference no: EM131359934

Assessment of the technology requirements

Describe the results of your assessment of the technology requirements relevant to employee productivity, staffing systems, career development systems, and training systems

Evaluation of a management system you have worked

Explanation of how the four key qualities you have chosen would improve the system. If the four key qualities would not improve the system, explain how the system did meet o

Measuring performance management in court case or lawsuit

"The Supreme Court has held that the selection guidelines in the federal government's Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures also apply to performance measureme

What factors in our society influence that predominance

The article identifies two primary types of change that are most prevalent in today's organizational world. Which type (E Change or O Change) do you think is most prevalent

Project manager for a large organization

You are a recent graduate from college with a minor in chinese. You are American, white woman with blond hair. You moved to China and have been hired as the project manager

Expect for the shares ex-rights

C plc is to make a 3 for 5 rights issue at 120p. If the price of the shares on the day the allotment letters were posted was 140p, what price would you expect for the shares

Problem related to organizational culture

Determine what you believe to be the most influential external environment factor shaping organizational culture for managers and business leaders in the 21st century. Provi

Explain how a member of hr triad could meet responsibilities

Explain how a member of the HR Triad could meet responsibilities of external environments. Is doing so more or less challenging than meeting the requirements of organization


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