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Supply chain integration is a major contributing factor to organizational success. The goal of supply chain integration is alignment within the supply chain. As a business leader, how can you achieve greater supply chain integration with suppliers and customers? Amazon is a prime example of a company that has successfully managed its supply chain to achieve growth and profitability. Research the progression of Amazon's supply chain integration. Write a 1,000-1,250-word paper that address the following questions: 1.How do sales and operations planning in supply chain integration impact the company overall? What would Amazon's medium- and long-term forecast inform the operations management department? How do logistics, transportation modes, and warehouse locations impact Amazon's competitiveness? 2.How does global sourcing and procurement impact the overall effectiveness of the supply chain? What are the benefits and challenges that have occurred when outsourcing logistic and other functions? 3.How has Amazon successfully leveraged e-commerce strategies to promote supply chain integration and boost sales and growth for the organization? Which strategies have been particularly effective and why? 4.Do you feel that Amazon sets an example for other companies to model regarding supply chain integration? Be sure to explain your rationale. Consider the ethical implications in your response.

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The work is about the supply chain integration of amazon in achieving the success The work also says about the tactics, strategies, outsourcing strategy, allignment and other methods amazon use to accomplish its goal.

Reference no: EM131142934

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