Give reasons for any physical change in character

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Leading Cast Members:

Begin by writing the film's plot (Do not retell the whole film) in one well-written paragraph using your own words.

In the second paragraph, you should state some insight about the characterization of the characters in the film. (Use the following questions to guide your response).

Describe the physical description of any two main characters in the plot.

What are the character's most innermost dreams, feelings, and thoughts?

What are the character's reactions towards each other during the development of the plot?

What are the character's internal struggle and agonies towards awareness or understanding of them selves?

Explain the character's motives, and reasons for their actions.

What forces them to perform as they do?

Give reasons for any physical change in character.

Compare one or more characters.

How does the character respond to others in his or her environment?

Reference no: EM131245837

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