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You will begin your project by selecting a location for your company's convention. In order for the project to proceed it must receive approval from the Board of Directors. This document will communicate not only the location that has been selected but the reasoning behind this selection. This document is being submitted to the Executive Level of your company so be sure to exhibit appropriate, audience-specific tone and vocabulary for the purpose of defending your position. In a minimum of 4 pages, please do the following:

First formulate a detailed Project Definition Statement(s) which answers the following questions:

What work must be done?

Who will do the work?

How long will it take?

What resources are required?

Because an event this large will generate a huge amount of revenue for the community selected it is possible that some communities might attempt to sway the decision making process in their favor by offering "special deals" or "financial incentives" to improve their chances of being selected. Accepting this type of favoritism is contrary to the ethical code of your company but you must keep the lines of communication open to all communities considered in case of changes during the project planning phase.

Identify at least three ethical and legal issues that should be considered when making the decision of where to locate the convention. State at least 3 actions you would take to ensure the decision of the location of the convention made ethically.

Reference no: EM13852835

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