Gender differences in entrepreneurship

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Develop a proposal.

Please ensure that the writer summarizes the current literature on female entrepreneurship as well as point out the limitations and gaps in knowledge.

The topic is Gender Differences in Entrepreneurship.
I want to research on how women from different backgrounds develop an entrepreneurial identity and how this identity is informed by their gender.

The purpose of the research would be to ascertain if entrepreneurship is gender fluid. 

Words: Limit: 3000-3500

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Over the past few decades the global economy has witnessed significant changes in the terms of technology and industrialization. Globalization has prolifically set up dignified standards that have impacted the international market in varied effective ways. Therefore with all the potential changes happening in the global economy there have been various implications in regards to the growing interest in the field of entrepreneurship. The growing interest as well as research is basically focused on the women’s entrepreneurship (Aaltio-Marjosola, Kyro¨ and Sundin, 2010). The interest of women entrepreneurship is actually recently evolved as until 1970s the significant role of the women entrepreneurs were hardly taken into consideration.

Reference no: EM131361564

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