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1. List the three fundamental security properties and for each give an example of failure. Justify your answer based on literature.

2. Reports of computer security failures appear frequently in the daily news. Research and summarise the article that exemplifies one (or more) of the principles: easiest penetration, adequate protection, effectiveness, weakest link. Ensure the link and full reference is included.

3. Explain why asynchronous I/O activity is a problem with many memory protection schemes, including base/bounds and paging. Suggest a solution to the problem.

4. An electronic mail system could be used to leak information. First, explain how the leakage could occur. Then, identify controls that could be applied to detect or prevent the leakage. Justify your answer based on literature.

5. A computer system provides protection using the Bell-La Padula policy. How would a virus spread if:
• the virus were placed on the system at system low (the compartment that all other compartments dominate)?
• the virus were placed on the system at system high (the compartment that dominates all other compartments)?

6. In reference to access control explain the meaning the terms "granularity". Discuss the trade-off between granularity and efficiency.

Reference no: EM13192148

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