Functions of the transport and network layers

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Network and Transport Layers - Discussion

IPv4 versus IPv6 (Graded)

At the heart of the networking layer is addressing. IP addressing is used to locate computers and other network devices across the Internet. Currently, IPv4 is the dominant network addressing standard used on the Internet and within organizations. The problem is that we have exhausted our public IPv4 addresses. IPv6 was developed in part to address this very issue.

Do some research on IPv6 in the DeVry Library and on the Web.

What are some immediate differences in the two protocols? Does IPv6 provide operational improvement, as well as increased address space? How has/will IPv6 impact organizations, the Internet, and you at home?

Network and Transport Layers - Discussion

Network and Transport Layer Protocols

The Network and Transport layers are where the protocol suites TCP/IP reside. This suite of protocols is critical to the operation of the Internet and organizations as we know them today.

Do some research via the DeVry library, the Internet, and your textbook and list and discuss three TCP/IP protocols.

What are the primary functions of the Transport and Network layers? What protocols do you use each day?

Reference no: EM13821328

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