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What functions does literacy play in the out-of-school lives of adolescents? To what extent are these functions currently reflected in the pedagogy, curriculum and assessment in high schools? How might ‘adolescent literacies' be employed to advance the academic language and literacy development of young people at school? How and why should teachers scaffold literacy development across the school curriculum?

Reference no: EM13935742

Explaining discrete-time system which moves between states

A decision maker observes a discrete-time system which moves between states {s1,s2,s3,s4} according to the following transition probability matrix?

Calculate the signal power supplied to the receiver

A Yagi antenna has a gain of 10 dBi and a front-to-back ratio of 15 dB. It is located 15 km from a transmitter with an ERP of 100 kW at a frequency of 100 MHz. The antenna i

Lorentz transformations for light-cone coordinates

Consider coordinates xµ = (x 0 , x 1,x 2 , x 3) and the associated light-cone coordinates (x+ , x -,x 2 , x 3 ). Write the following Lorentz transformations in terms of the li

Identify the direction for edge crossings

Devise an algorithm for determining interior regions for any input set of verbs using the nonzero winding-number rule and dot-product calculations to identify the direction

Compute a second 95% confidence interval

Compute a second 95% confidence interval using an alternative variance estimation technique, and compare the two resulting confidence intervals. Would your inferences change

Clearly define the scope of applying optimization

Describe a design problem of your interest where optimization can be applied to enrich the design. It could be a problem you are currently working on ( e.g. , Capstone design)

Second order differential equation

Use the substitutions x1=x and x2=x' to rewrite the following second order differential equation as a first order system of differential equation in the variables x1, x2 and

Calculate the net heat transfer to the panel

To reduce the heat transfer to this panel, a radiation shield of the same diameter D and an emissivity of 0.05 is placed very close to the panel. Calculate the net heat tran


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