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Based on your own research on industrial/commercial and institutional/governmental purchasing, what are those elements that you consider to be unique to each? What are the skill sets that a purchasing and supply management professional should possess or acquire to be successful in the exercise of the purchasing function with commercial or governmental organizations? Briefly explain one topic or issue from this weeks material that may benefit you personally or professionally.

Reference no: EM131283101

Research outside of the text for legal precedence

Before you answer, this will require some research outside of the text for legal precedence. Here is your scenario: Having completed your Masters degree a friend asks you for

Offensive-defensive strategy

Joseph Dawson's article "Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy's "Offensive-Defensive" Strategy in the US Civil War" What are the key elements of Davis' "Offensive-Defensive" st

John''s locomotive works manufactures

John's Locomotive Works manufactures a model locomotive. It comes in two versions--a standard (X1), and a deluxe (X2). The standard version generates $250 per locomotive for t

Determining the impacted areas and populations

worst-case and alternate scenarios require a plume projection to be developed showing the potential area impacted by a release. What are some possible reference sources (you

Equity before and after the transaction

Explain briefly how each of the following transactions would affect a company’s balance sheet. Remember, assets must equal liabilities plus owners’ equity before and after the

What cultural or personal factors influenced your decision

Think about times when you purchased a product online. What cultural or personal factors influenced your decision? What do you know about your purchase now that you didn't kno

What are the practical communications implications

Does change management have a tendency to be more domineering than project management? One way or the other, what are the practical communications implications? The key to thi

Developments in health information technology

Identify three ways that developments in health information technology will cause important changes in the U.S. healthcare system. First, how do we know that we spend too much


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