Function of african artwork in order to understand it

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1. Use examples to explain why it is especially important to know the purpose and function of African artwork in order to understand it.

2. How is pattern used to enhance cultural identity at Nankani compound, Sirigu, Ghana? What kinds of patterns are used and on what kinds of objects and surfaces?

3. Describe how an nkisi nkonde changes over time and becomes a visual record of a community.

4. How does a hierarchy of materials or subject differ in African cultures compared to Western cultures? How do African cultures differ from Western cultures in their assessment of "fine art" as opposed to "craft"?

Reference no: EM131420118

Culture zones were established in afro-eurasia by 500 ce

What four culture zones were established in Afro-eurasia by 500 CE? How did these culture zones influence their surrounding regions? Why was Eastern Eurasia considered to be m

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Analyze Woodrow Wilson's statements and actions and describe how his seating in the Great Ship of State changed from his candidacy through his first term and up to the end of

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Considering that calligraphy and mosaic are visual representations of religious belief, compare and contrast Islamic calligraphy at Alhambra and Dome of the Rock to Christian

What do you think the composer was trying to say with song

There's a country where no one knows What's going on in the rest of the world There's a country where minds are closed With just a few asking questions Like what do their le

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Discuss your assessment of the article itself, including, but not limited to, was it well written, trustworthy, or biased? What caused American ideals or philosophies to chang

Geography influence the creation of the ancient mesopotamian

How did geography influence the creation of the ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Athenian cultures? What was most important about the cultures that emered wihin these regio

What sort of images do you think mythology creates for women

What sort of images do you think mythology creates for women? Do you think that some of the assumptions or stereotypes toward women might have evolved from mythology? What a

Decline of roman empire

Discuss the decline of the empire and the last Caesars, what were some of the factors that weakened that empire? Please explain. Do you see any of those things happening in


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